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Follow the steps for AVG Antivirus Activation that has been already installed but had not activated.

You need 20 digit code to activate retail avg antivirus.
You can find the avg activation code on retail card or registered email. To activate avg antivirus go to avg retail website and enter the license key.

  • Start the Avg retail antivirus program icon on the screen or the sign in the statement area on the right side of your system screen.
  • On the screen click Options then click on “Activate” to activate the software.
  • At this instant put the presently got License Number received by you in the mail on purchasing the product into the box delivered on the interface, and before clicking on Activate.
  • This will initiate your AVG antivirus activation process with a new license number which is present on retail card. Then, you can also confirm this by visiting the Avg Support from the menu.
  • You will discover the license number and legitimacy besides with other product info.
  • In this way, you can activate your retail antivirus software.